Thank you for your interest in forming a Chapter of SEAoP. Before you get started please follow the link to the SEAoP Bylaws regarding Chapter formation. If the Chapter you wish to form is located within 50 statute miles of a pre-existing Chapter, you must join that Chapter of SEAoP. Please follow the link for a list of existing Chapters already established.

All that is needed to start the Professional Chapter formation process is a group of at least ten (10) Professional or Associate Level members. See the SEAoP Bylaws for more information.

Professional Chapter formation entitles you to full privileges offered by SEAoP, including:

  • Networking opportunities for career development.
  • A forum for issues specifically related to Structural Engineering design, business practices, and legal issues.
  • Education opportunities for professional development hours at monthly meetings and annual conference.

In order to establish a Student Chapter of SEAoP, at least ten (10) student members are required. See the SEAoP Bylaws for more information.

If you are not living or working within 50 miles of the established location of an existing SEAoP Chapter, you can join as an individual. SEAoP encourages individual members in an area to establish a chapter. However, if insufficient interest exists for a chapter, individual membership allows a Structural Engineer to take advantage of the benefits offered to members of SEAoP Chapters.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Chapter formation process or individual membership, please contact the Membership and Chapter Development Committee Chair at

View SEAoPA Chapter Bylaws